Student Support

It is our aim that every student will achieve the best possible academic outcomes and be fully skilled and equipped to take their next steps into the world of higher education or employment. We have a range of strategies in place to support our students to meet the challenges of post 16 life.

Supported Private Study

This is supervised in the study rooms where students can concentrate in a quiet, purposeful environment. These timetabled sessions are designed to help students to be organised, undertake research and keep on top of assignments.

Monitoring and Target Setting

Every student will be given personalised academic targets based on prior academic performance. Students receive regular reports and feedback on how they are performing in relation to these targets and what they need to do to improve. This process ensures that students are focused throughout their course, that they remain well motivated and receive the support they need to achieve their goals and ambitions.


Every LAT16 student will be part of a tutor group with an assigned tutor, who has responsibility for discussing progress, providing support and guidance and working on applications to university, higher education, apprenticeships or employment. In addition, there is a Director of Learning for Post 16, who has overall responsibility for the academic progress and welfare of students.

Bespoke Pastoral Programmes

All students follow a programme that concentrates on issues of direct relevance to their work and future. Time is spent developing study skills, working on careers guidance and preparing students for the move into higher education or into employment, including UCAS and apprenticeships.

Independent Careers Advice and Guidance

Students have several opportunities during their time with LAT16 to receive independent advice and guidance from the LAT16 Careers Adviser. This can take the form of one-to-one sessions, group work or external conferences and careers fairs.

Post 16 Bursary

Some students are eligible for a bursary. Full details will be available during enrolment.