Work Experience & Careers

At Wilmington Academy, we are incredibly proud that all of our Year 13 Leavers in 2016 left us with clear progression pathways. All of these students are either in education, employment or training.

Those choosing to go on to higher education were able to secure their first choice universities and courses. Apprenticeship placements covered a wide variety of industries including accountancy, engineering, childcare and ICT.

What did Year 13 go on to do in 2016?

University  62.5%
Employment 25%
Apprenticeship 8.3%
College 4.2%

Work Experience in Post 16

We at Wilmington recognise the importance of gaining real practical experience of work in context. Our students will be undertaking two weeks work experience in the summer with a focus on future career aspirations or higher education.

Our work Experience this year will be from Monday 3rd July 2017 to Friday 14th July 2017.

Engaging with Local Employers for Regular Work Experience

We at Wilmington recognise the importance of all students taking part in work experiences that both broaden their horizons and develop their skills.

We have offered several students the opportunity to work with professionals to support their studies.

Army Reserves – Look at Life


Year 12 students were on work experience for two weeks from the 4th July until the 15th July 2016.  They had a variety of placements around the country.

Their placements included office work, media, television editing, local football club, surveyors, accountants, on-line sales, Lab work, catering, primary and secondary schools, shops, vets, kennels, childcare, engineering, manufacturing, pharmacies, horticulture, restaurants, coroner’s court, foreign exchange market and the House of Commons.  Plus several students had a taste of university life for a week.  Nine students undertook a week at the local Army Reserve barracks in Bexleyheath.  Their passing out parade was watched by army staff, teaching staff and parents.  They did several marching manoeuvres which they learnt in a few short hours.  Winner of the ‘Mostarmy-2 Valuable Contribution’ award went to Callum Stewart.

Well done to Bradley Cloake, Sangam Gurung, Luke Herbert, Matthew Malt, Chikezie Onuoha, Daniel Powsey, Harry Smith, Callum Stewart and Lewis Willson.

 Work Experience 2016 – University of Surrey

robert-stewartOne of my many passions in life is sport and physical activity, which is why I was thrilled when I received an opportunity to go to a summer school at the University of Surrey to study nutrition, food and exercise science.

Over the course of four days I participated in new experiences, made new friends and furthered my passions for sports and exercise.  I attended lectures and carried out practical activities and gained a better understanding of university life.  Although this work experience wasn’t conventional it was definitely as good as working in a company for a week.  The skills that I learned such as resilience, team working and planning are all transferable and can be used in the world of work; I would recommend this opportunity to anybody who wants to have new experiences.

Robert Stewart Year 13

Work Experience 2016 – Milestone Academy

harlie-lovellRecognising and appreciating the differences in others led me to undertake my work experience for two weeks at the specialist school Milestone Academy. I have always had a passion to become a teacher so gaining this relevant experience and many skills along with it will help me with my future aspirations.

My placement at Milestone allowed me to gain many attributes; especially confidence, by putting myself out there and getting involved, which was particularly easy due to being made to feel welcome. One of the highlights of my time there was influencing the children to understand money, this was very inspirational to me as I am used to being taught new things so it was rewarding witnessing others prosper in just two weeks.

Harlie Lovell Year 13

Work Experience 2016 – Dartford Primary Academy.

emma-farrenThe best feeling for me is when you teach something to someone and after struggling with it they finally understand it, this is why I was so excited to do my work experience placement at my local Primary School with a Year 1 class.

I worked in the classroom helping students with their work, helping around the classroom and preparing paperwork for lesson time. From this I was able to gain the confidence and confirmation that I needed in order to make me realise that it was definitely what I wanted to do. I have always wanted to be a teacher so gaining this relevant work experience was key to my future. I was able to actively and confidently take part with everything, due to me being made to feel very relaxed despite not having done it before.

Emma Farren Year 13