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Mitchell Beale – Apprenticeship at ITV

Since leaving sixth form in July I have begun my career in TV. I  am currently an apprentice at ITV which means that part of my time here I spend  studying Level 3 Business Studies and other times I spend time working and helping  the magic of TV happen.
I have had so many amazing opportunities whilst being at ITV and I’ve only been there  nearly three months! I’ve been able to travel up to Leeds to Emmerdale and to  Manchester  for Coronation Street. I’ve also had a chance to work on The Chase on the  studio floor  and participate in rehearsals for Saturday Night Takeaway, to name a few. 

 Being an apprentice means that everyone here is so eager to teach you things and let  you soak up the world of TV. Having exposure to all Daytime shows like Good Morning  Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women on a daily basis means that I can learn the ropes of the more creative side of the business. 

It goes to show that if you have a passion for something and your hardworking anything is possible. One year ago I was miles away from where I wanted to be. But after persevering it all pays off in the end!

Dan Ketley – Trainee Build Manager, Willmott Dixon

In additdan-ketley-3-w640ion to my job as a trainee build manager I attend London South Bank University studying Construction Management.

The course I am studying is very new to me and at first seemed a little intense, but what I am learning at university and my experience through work is enabling me to learn quicker and more effectively. Within my first 6 months of employment I was part of a team that delivered a £10 million hospital in Eltham.

Congratulations to the team of Clive Lavington, Alan Neal, Tom Jenkinson, Brian Cayley, Alex Pye, Ken McCracken, James Cooper, Dan Ketley, Rory Morahan, Kelly Hand, Inga Brecht, Alistair Donaghey and Phillippa Massie-Taylor for successful delivery of the Eltham Community Hospital on Friday 27th Feb 2015. (Extract from Managing Director’s Bulletin)

During the beginning of sixth form I was still unsure of what I wanted to go on and do after Wilmington Academy. Once I had set my heart on going into the construction industry the support from the staff at Wilmington was amazing. I faced many challenges with my A-levels including doing a 2 year course in a matter of six months, but with the support and motivation from all the staff at Wilmington I managed to walk away with an A in that subject.

The support and guidance from staff both in and out of the class has enabled me to begin a career in a job that I love, that present me with new challenges and experiences on a daily basis and is full of prospects.

darren-wilkinsDarren Wilkins – Trainee Accountant

Currently I am working in Swanley as a Trainee Accountant and have my exams to become qualified beginning in the New Year.

I am most proud of getting the job that I have now got. This actually has another point which makes me proud of myself as well which is achieving my A Levels. The reason for this is I needed to go sixth form to become an accountant in any company, and by achieving what I did, it allowed me to achieve my dream.

My favourite memory from Wilmington would have to be when I used to take Sport because we used to have a lot of practical lessons which meant playing my favourite sport which is football. Practising free kicks and my passes in my school time as part of my studies was a good feeling.
The one piece of advice I would give anyone who is a student now is to keep that head of yours down at all times. I made the mistake and let my social side of school over run my academic side which meant I was in a lot after school or working into the very late hours. There are times for both and you can always have a social life, but it’s best to do it once your studies are complete! So knuckle down get the work or revision done then have a chat with your mates.