What We Offer


“Sixth-form students are highly ambitious and clear about the plans for their future destinations, whether that is to go to university or apply for an apprentices The school has provided effective advice and guidance to ensure that students are able to make the most appropriate choices for themselves.” Ofsted March 2017  

Your teachers, Miss Evans (Director of Learning Post 16) and Miss Sanders (Co-ordinator of IBCP & Pastoral) are on hand to advise you in the correct choices and options for you to further your education into Post 16 and then onto university, college or a higher level apprenticeship.

Which course?

We offer through the trust an extensive range of Level 3 courses in Academic and Vocational subjects such as Business, Professional Cookery, Travel & Tourism, Media, ICT and many more.

As an IB Candidate School, our provision for September 2017 also includes the International Baccalaureate Careers Related Programme, and IB Diplomas including Business Management, Global Politics, Visual Arts, English Literature and Language, and many more.

What if you are thinking of university?

A common question from Year 11 students is: “What options should I take at Post 16?” With over 30,000 courses listed on UCAS, it’s impossible to know the entry requirements for each one! However, choosing the right courses can be critical for some career paths and it’s important to not unintentionally close off paths that you may wish to pursue later on in your career.

Don’t panic – help is at hand!

  • Use the course search facility on www.ucas.com to research course entry requirements
  • Check university prospectus or university website
  • Contact university admission office

In addition, you may find the Informed Choices publication useful. The Russell Group of 20 leading UK universities, which are among some of the most selective universities, has published its first ever guide to Post 16 subject choices.

Informed Choices produced in collaboration with the Institute of Career Guidance is aimed at all students considering A-Level and equivalent options. It includes advice on the best subject combinations for a wide range of university courses as well as advice on the best choices if you don’t know what you want to study after school and need to keep your options open.

Useful University websites:

  • Prospects UK
  • The Complete University Guide

What if you are thinking of an apprenticeship?

There are thousands of apprenticeships to choose from. Apprenticeships are now available in more than 170 industries, and offer an opportunity for you to gain practical on-the-job experience. If you are thinking about an apprenticeship after Post 16, please contact Mrs Tannock for further details: lesley.tannock@latrust.org.uk.

Useful Apprenticeship websites:

What our students say:

alfie coxAlfie Cox – Year 12 Student

Up until choosing my options for Post 16, I had attended a Private school. Needless to say, I was therefore nervous about starting my Sixth Form studies, as I didn’t know what to expect, or even if I would fit in at Wilmington Academy. However, it only took a few days for these nerves to go away, as everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I feel supported and comfortable here; the staff are always willing to give up their time to help students and the atmosphere is friendly and calm. It’s also important to have an element of fun in whatever you are doing, and I enjoy my courses, as there is that mix between fun and serious study. I am certain I have made the right decision in choosing Wilmington Academy, and will be looking forward to the next two years of my Sixth Form life.

matt hartleyMatt Hartley – Year 13 Student

As a former Grammar student, I was not hesitant in starting my A-Levels at Wilmington Academy. My experience so far has been brilliant. I have found the teaching more helpful and also the teachers offer a lot more support when needed. I chose to move to Wilmington Academy as I believe that I will achieve my full potential here as the school offers the resources and help needed to succeed. Furthermore, I am finding my time here very enjoyable and have settled in very easily, helped by the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the school.

Beyond the Qualifications:

Here at Wilmington Academy, we believe in developing our students as whole individuals, who are confident and comfortable in any situation and are ready for life in modern Britain. As such, we run numerous enrichment opportunities throughout the academic year which tackle university preparation, careers, studying techniques, debates and skills development. Please click on the ‘Dates for your diary’ tab for a taster of what we have upcoming this year!