University Information

UCAS Support (from September 2016 onwards)   

Through our partnership with the Kent and Medway Progression Federation, the Academy is able to access support and guidance with Higher Education.  As part of this support, both University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University have worked with both the whole cohort of Year 12 (as part of Post 16 Project Based Learning Week) and small groups of students on a workshop basis in order to provide application support, personal statement writing support and advice and guidance.  Since September 2016, the University of Kent have provided sessions on the following days:

  • Wednesday 21 September 2016: UCAS support – Finalising personal statements
  • Wednesday 5 October 2016:  UCAS Support – Narrowing down option choices
  • Wednesday 12 October 2016: UCAS support – Finalising UCAS applications
  • Wednesday 14 December 2016: UCAS support – University interviews

There are also plans to provide visits to our KMPF Partner Universities as part of the Year 12 Project Based Learning Week in July 2017.  This is an annual trip, which is arranged in order for students to gain an appreciation of what University life is like and the opportunities created by undertaking an undergraduate degree.  Students who have applied to University, also gain the opportunity to attend a series of sessions aimed at preparing them for university life.  The transition session will take place over 3 weeks and enabled them to gain valuable study tips covering student finance and accommodation and skills such as note taking and research.

Personal tutors also provide 1:1 support for tutees interested in going to University as part of our Pastoral programme and opportunities are given to students to attend university taster days for both the University of Greenwich, University of Kent, University for the Creative Arts, and many more.

Year 12 students are not forgotten, as they attend two days at the University of Kent, in order to gain a taste of what university study is like and also the benefits of undertaking an undergraduate degree.  Taster lectures include sport, forensic science and politics.


We have built working relationships with our partner universities – the University of Kent and University of Greenwich. Working as part of the Kent & Medway Progression Forum we have access to unrivalled Higher Education activities from a range of establishments. This enables us to work closely with student ambassadors and make the option of university a real prospect for our students.


Weekly meetings will be held with Mrs Whitcombe from June to guide you through the UCAS process including:

  • Using the UCAS website
  • Searching for courses that are right for you
  • Selecting your choices
  • Writing of personal statements
  • Submitting the application
  • Applying for student finance – understanding the fees, loans and grants

At Wilmington Academy we have 28 students who have applied for university and all applications have now been successfully submitted. Conditional offers are now coming in. Students will have to ensure that revision sessions are being attended and coursework deadlines are met to ensure that places can be accepted.

Some of the links below will help you to find the course and which universities provide it, how much it will cost and about benefits, loans, accommodation and fundraising events.

Jake Randall: Bimm Music School London

After my first year of sixth form I decided that I’d try and pursue my music career. I applied for a place on a diploma course at Bimm London. Bimm is a university dedicated to teaching young musicians like myself, how to develop as both a person and musician and most importantly how to make a career for yourself in the music industry.jakeA short while after my interview and audition at Bimm, I got accepted into their program under a pre-paid ‘scholarship’. I am currently playing regular shows both with Bimm and with bands outside of the Uni. I have never been so busy in my life! Every week I get new people asking me to join their bands as a drummer, guitarist or keys player.

Being at Uni a year earlier than normal has taught me a lot. Any assignments that are handed to us HAVE to be done, no excuses. You aren’t constantly reminded about assignments like you are in school, if you’re given some work to do you’re expected to complete it and then hand it in at a certain time. If you miss the deadline you fail the module. You aren’t given warnings by the tutors as they expect you to be able to manage your own time.My plans for the next five years or so are to travel the world working as a musician. The next three years will be spent working on my degree in professional musicianship, for that I will be studying in Berlin for one year, Bristol or Birmingham for another and for my final year I will come back to London. After my degree I will travel to Brazil for a year and learn about Samba and the music culture out there. After that I aim to either be a session drummer or a tutor at a university teaching students what I am learning now!

I’d recommend university to everyone. Especially if you’re studying something that you enjoy and you’re passionate about. You meet some of the most amazing people and have unforgettable experiences which will not only teach you new skills but will shape you as a improved version of yourself.


Tianney Standley: University of Brighton, Studying Law with Business

tianney-standleyWhen I first started sixth form, I was not sure if I even wanted to go to university, or what I even wanted to do in life!

After studying law and business at Wilmington Academy, it made me realise I would like to pursue a career in these subjects. When applying for University, I received a wealth of support from both the Academy and also universities.  Through researching into different courses and universities, I came across Brighton.  I have experienced so much since starting university; it has broadened my opinion on the world and I am amazed how very structured law is in our society. By supplementing my studies with extra-curricular opportunities such as moots and attending court, I have been able to see how my chosen subjects have practical application. I have also joined the university’s law society; this has allowed me to get support from past students and helped me to adjust to student life much easier.  We have also arranged to sell second hand textbooks, as buying materials can be expensive!

University is a massive step up from sixth form, however, I would not change my decision to go.  It has given me a clear direction in life and I would say that it is the best thing to happen to me.  However, if university is not an option for you, that’s ok.  Whatever you want to do, the best advice I can give, is to research into the options you have.  I would encourage you to make as many applications as possible, as you never know, you may change your mind at the last minute!

Amy Allaway

University of Greenwich – Biomedical Science

amy-w640I currently study biomedical science at Greenwich University. Although at first starting university was a very daunting thought for me it was the best decision I made after taking my A-Levels.

I have made lots of friends from all different walks of life and different cultures. I am now learning Lithuanian as well as doing Biomedical Science. Within the university there are also jobs to apply for. I applied and am now a student ambassador for the university which means I help other students in schools to encourage them to go to university.

Gaining a good set of A-Levels was essential for me, although it was extremely difficult and there were many times along my journey I felt like quitting, completing them was the best decision I’ve made. It has opened so many doors and created opportunities for me and I’m now a step closer to the career I want to follow.

Harveer Padda

Anglia Ruskin University – English Literature & Writing

hareer-w640University is a terrific once in a lifetime experience which will allow you to develop many skills as well as have lots of fun.  Here are a few reasons why university is beneficial:

1. Meeting New People – University gives you the chance to meet new people and make long-lasting friendships.  Students come from all over the place and therefore new characters and personalities are encountered and this gives you a different outlook on life and hobbies. Meeting new people can also help you develop as a person, and it is hard to meet new people if you stay in the same place all your life.

2. Independence – Going to University ensures you become more independent, financially and emotionally. This may sound daunting, but in fact, I have found living without my parents far easier than it is made out to be. It is quite a release in fact and the freedom from any authoritative figure (father/mother) makes it far easier to do what you want. The workload at university and other things can become stressful, and will make you become stronger mentally, so when you may encounter further problems down the line in life, you can attack them head-on and come out the other side fighting.

3. Social Life – There is so much to do at university, varying from going out clubbing, to going to the cinema. Due to university cities being so populated, there are always offers on bowling, theatres, cinemas, clubbing, football and other sports. The university I attend has many sports clubs that you can enjoy. There are always events being organised on a weekly basis for students to enjoy, and some of them are even free.

4. New Things – University makes you appreciate things more and it also give you a chance to learn more things about yourself, such as how you adapt to certain situations and deal with new experiences.

5. Studying Something You Love – Of course the main reason for going to university is to study and earn a degree. The chance to study something you love and are interested in is a great experience as the lessons become enjoyable, rather than boring and pointless like many may seem.

Rebecca Nutley

Canterbury Christ Church University – Drama

rebecca-w640In my first year at university, I have probably signed up for way more than I can handle but it will definitely pay off. To begin with, I became an Arts Extra student. The “Arts Extra” programme aims to support and promote the huge diversity of arts and culture events on and around campus. I am one of the Front of House and Stage Management volunteers, meaning I am one of the public faces of the Arts and Culture team – often providing the first point of contact between the university and the public. Rewards of this volunteering are: looks good on your CV, it contributes towards the CCCU Award, free tickets to events and private viewings, it can lead to paid internship roles and work experience, first-hand experience of the Arts Industry and also getting to interact with the big companies and artists.

I am a Student Ambassador for CCCU, meaning I represent Canterbury Christ Church University on open days, travel to partner schools to give talks and help out with activities that will inform students of their possible pathways for the future. I thoroughly enjoy this role as I get to travel around Kent, and the engagement with other students gives me a sense of fulfilment in knowing that I may have broadened someone’s possible options for the future.

I am currently in the process of applying to become a Student Mentor, which can either be 1-1 mentoring or for a range of people. My decision to sign up for this stemmed from me having a passion for the course I am studying, drama, and wanting to help those in the same course or department to get the best out of their degree and ensure they gain the best possible grade overall.

As well as these extracurricular activities, I have also helped the 2nd and 3rd years with their Directing and Devising pieces and also their workshops that they take out to disadvantaged places. I recently finished filming for a 3rd year film project in which I was cast as the lead female. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and thankfully am now more comfortable being on camera! I joined a local church so I am not spending my Sundays doing nothing and they are like my new family now. In the future, I intend to join some societies too, preferably the Politics Society and also a Science one. Most likely Physics! I want to join another local Harriers club as I miss being an athlete and like most students, I discovered fast food! My physical fitness levels depleted slowly!