Over 50 Courses to choose from

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of academic, vocational and technical qualifications to meet the needs of all our students. Whatever study or career path you want to follow, we have the right choices for you through our three very different – but equally ambitious – pathways for your future. You can choose purely academic or vocational courses, or a balance of both, dependent upon your GCSE results.


This is tailored to those of our students who want to follow a more traditional academic programme of study with university in mind, including Russell Group and other top universities worldwide. You will be encouraged to choose at least 3 A level courses. We also offer the Extended Project, which is highly valued by universities and employers. We work closely with our University Partners to ensure that you have access to the advice and guidance you need to select the appropriate courses and meet the requirements of the UCAS process.


Our vocational pathway is for those students wanting to study qualifications that universities also recognise and respect, or which lead directly to employment and apprenticeships. In addition to our relationships with good universities across London and the UK, we have strong links with a wide range of businesses and other organisations.


This is a bespoke programme for students seeking careers in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Computing, most of which are delivered at the Leigh University Technical College. Many of the courses on offer are industry standard qualifications which could lead directly to employment or university. We have strong links with businesses and organisations such as Kennard Engineering, Eurostar and Bluewater.