How to apply

Internal and external candidates

Make sure you attend the LAT 16 open evenings to get as much information as you possibly can. The dates are published on the LAT16, KentChoices4U and academy websites. Read the subject information carefully and talk to your teachers and family to get advice.

Choices will be made online via the APPLY NOW section on LAT16 website or paper copies given to you during Open events. Supervised time will be allocated during the school day to make initial course selections. You are eligible to study courses at the other LAT16 academies, and you can see these “shared” courses on the LAT16 website in the COURSE DIRECTORY. You will have an appointment with the Director of Learning for Post 16 to help you choose the most appropriate courses for you and to address any queries you may have.

Three easy steps:

  1. Carefully consider your future career aspirations and research which qualifications you will need.
  2. Go to the LAT 16 website and look at what is available.
  3. Make your choices then fill in the online application form under APPLY NOW!

You will be given an appointment with academy staff to finalise subject choices once you have received your GCSE examination results.

Need further advice?

Internal candidates should speak to their teachers and form tutors and will also have an interview with Mrs Tannock, the Trust Careers Adviser, for further advice and guidance. Mrs Tannock will also be available at all academy Open Evenings to offer advice to those who need it.

External candidates please go to the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Think carefully about your future – your choices at post 16 will have an impact on your choices at university or work. Make sure you take time to research the qualifications you might need to follow your chosen path. The internet and our academy websites contain useful resources to help you choose the best path for you.

Remember to work hard for your examinations, as this is the best way to ensure you get onto the courses you want.

Good luck!