Master Thought Processes at Wilmington Academy

master-thought-processOften choices after Post 16 can be the hardest and most challenging ones to make, as university is not for everyone.

With this in mind, a selected group of Year 13 students at Wilmington Academy, had the opportunity to participate in a master thought processes workshop with local businessman, Ian Ludlow ( Ian has many years of business experience as well as being a qualified apprenticeships assessor and job coach.

Ian utilised his coaching skills to help focus students upon their next step. The majority of this group of students have yet to secure a placement, so Ian began by using a hexagon based system to channel this creative thinking session and enable students to narrow down their field of choice. Students completed a number of mini tasks in which they visualised their career aspirations and charted how they might progress towards their desired career.  Students left the session with a clearer idea about their next steps, and more confident in making career based choices.

The session with Ian Ludlow was very useful.  Before the session I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in either finance, business or music.  The session helped me to narrow down what it was I wanted to do to finance.  From this, I could begin to think about existing opportunities and potential employers who could help me to begin my career within the finance industry. I’m excited about applying for Marks & Spencer’s assistant management programme and hopefully working my way up into their finance department.” – Eric Pak

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University Student Finance Talk 2017

Did you know that you have to apply for student finance each year, throughout your university study?

A massive thank you to the University of Kent for facilitating our University Finance Talks, both to students and parents.  It was a great opportunity for students and parents to find out more information about the different types of student finance available to those going to university next year.  The biggest questions we’ve found from these sessions covered topics including when and how student loans are paid back, the best way in which to approach financing university life and the availability of alternative methods of university finance.

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and told us the ways to make applying for and getting through student finance as easy as possible which was great” – Chay Quinn

“This was a very informative talk, which made me feel more confident in applying for student finance.” – Oliver Jarvie


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Leigh Academies Trust Newsletter – Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 edition of Leigh Academies Trust Newsletter can be downloaded here.

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Action Day: Dynamic Dialogue & Debate (November 2016)

This event targeted Year 12 and Year 13 students.  Students worked with ambassadors from Canterbury Christ Church University in order to improve and develop their presentation and public speaking skills. Activities were designed to stress the importance of making eye contact; use of emotion, body language and using varied pitch when delivering presentations, as well as to improve their ability to react to unplanned events which may occur when they are delivering presentations.  Students also gained the opportunity to develop their debating skills, by constructing balanced, logical and coherent arguments about current topical issues such as Abortion, access to medical provision and the right to decide what happens to your body after death.

The event was a great opportunity for students to gain skills which they can transfer into their subjects, but also utilise in their chosen future careers. There was also time for informal chats with the student ambassadors about options after Post 16 life, including what university life is really like and non-university options.

“On Friday, we had a workshop day where people from university came in to discuss about a range of topics, and we had the opportunity to learn about social and moral topics. Our first session was: “What is Rape?” and “What constitutes valid consent?”. We were also discussing whether adverts which included women in, which were portrayed as objects was appropriate or not. Our second session, saw the Canterbury Christ Church University, help us with our confidence when speaking in public. They showed us how to be confident in front of others and how to effectively structure a debate.  The debate I particularly enjoyed was whether footballers should receive large salaries.  I thought that was a very good session due to how practical it was.”  Roheet Chopra

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License to Kill 2016

Year 12 students attended a production of License to Kill. The event is organised by Kent Fire and Rescue and offers perspectives from those involved in road traffic accidents.

Students heard from paramedics, police, survivors of traffic accidents, and from parents of victims. It was a sobering insight into how all actions have consequences, and prompted much thought into the importance of thinking decisions through, especially when dealing with young and inexperienced drivers.

l2k-1 l2k2

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Marketing guru inspires Post 16 students at Wilmington Academy

Years 12 and 13 at Wilmington Academy were fortunate enough to be the recipients of a highly inspiring presentation by Barnaby Winter of the Brand Bucket Company. Barnaby can easily be considered to be a successful businessman and related his life journey to that which our students are currently embarking on. He stressed that this is a crucial time in their transition into adulthood and free thinking whilst also emphasising the importance of working hard to achieve life goals. Barnaby related detail of his career from graduate, to becoming the youngest Managing Director of a top 200 marketing agency, international professional speaker and the man behind many iconic brands including the Marie Curie daffodil.

Many students took the opportunity to thank him personally for his presentation and one even asked if he could join Barnaby for work experience- a request which was graciously accepted.

Thank you to Barnaby for inspiring our students


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David Dein visits Wilmington

David Dein, former Vice-Chairman of Arsenal Football Club, spoke to all of Post 16 to give advice gained from his experiences managing and motivating in the Football world. He offered the students many key ideas: you can motivate millionaires with pride. Take pride in everything you do; individuals can be broken. We are stronger as a team; always go into a debate with ammunition; the key ideas a scout looks for are behaviour and attitude.

david-dein-2 david-dein-3

However, Mr Dein stressed this one crucial idea, his own personal motto, and the way of the turtle: the only way to move forward is to stick your neck out.

Student Response

David Dein used very inspirational quotes that I: will remember for the future. His message was to keep following our passion and to never give up.  Dan Powsey, Year 13



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UK University Search Fair 2016

When deciding about options at University, students have a wealth of resources available to them, however, sometimes struggle with where and what to start with.  With this in mind, at the end of September, this year’s crop of budding Year 13 undergraduates visited the University Search fair 2016.  The UK University Search fair provided an opportunity for students to meet an array of universities from all over the UK (including Russell Group universities) and gain vital advice for UCAS applications, personal statements and student finance.

“The University Search fair at the Emirates Stadium, was very useful as it allowed me to narrow my search for a uni without having to travel all over the country on Open Days. By providing course information and also allowing us to talk to students of the university and get their opinion on the social and campus side of the uni, I feel that my choices are more informed. Along with this, the fair included seminars on student finance which was useful as many people do not know the process and it gave us a valuable insight.” Chay Quinn

I believe that the personal statements were very helpful to do as they made us understand what needs to be in a personal statement and i think that personally it has helped me and will continue to help me throughout my life.   Ben Jones


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Project Based Learning 2016

PBL Week saw the students engage in a variety of personal and professional skills development alongside cultural education.

On Monday, students had mock interviews with employers from local businesses in order to practice interview skills and effective communication. Students prepared personal statements targeted for specific jobs in their preferred career in preparation, and were given feedback from their 30-minute group interviews with the employers.

Representatives from Canterbury Christchurch University worked with students Monday morning and Tuesday to develop and write personal statements. Students learned about appropriate writing techniques and what information to include in preparation for UCAS and Apprenticeship applications.

Wednesday had students attend an Apprenticeship Carousel with local employers and enjoy a community barbeque. Students were challenged to plan a three-course meal for four on a £5 budget.

Students finished the week and the school year with a Cultural day in London. We visited Trafalgar Square, Kensington Garden and Covent Garden.

Student Feedback:

I enjoyed the mock interviews because it has prepared me for the future and the feedback was very helpful.

Daniel Powsey

The cultural day was a great way to finish the year. I enjoyed the day as we were able to relax and enjoy the day with our friends in London which was a lovely way to conclude the hard year we had just completed.

Ollie Jarvie, Head Boy



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Wilmington Academy launches business mentoring scheme

Wilmington Academy held its first business mentoring breakfast on Wednesday 28th September. Delegates from a wide range of business sectors attended to learn more about the academy and its new business mentoring scheme.

As candidates for the International Baccalaureate Careers Programme, Miss Sanders also informed attendees of the exciting forthcoming educational plans at Wilmington Academy. Delegates were most interested to learn more, asked many probing questions and give positive feedback on this development.

Ms Roberts ran over detail of what the forthcoming business mentoring scheme would involve and the vast majority of attendees have now registered their interest in becoming business mentors. Mentor training at Wilmington Academy will begin early in October with the scheme going into full operation shortly afterwards. The breakfast ended with Year 13 students facilitating a tour of the academy for guests.

The business mentoring scheme will see students across Post 16 paired with business mentors in order to raise aspirations and give clear focuses about opportunities post 18.

“The business meeting allowed me to have an insight of what the outside world entails. The lady that I showed around was really interested in how the school functions. Her main question was how I feel about the school. I was able to tell her my experiences throughout my years at Wilmington. As I am interested in law, she said that if she was my mentor she will help me as she has connections. This will hugely benefit me. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and recommend it for future purpose.”  Nicole Munn, Year 13 student

“It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to talk to real business owners about their lives and their careers, I gained a fantastic insight into the day to day life of business owners in our local community and it was great to hear about all the things that they have achieved throughout their lives. I asked them questions about what it takes to become employable in today’s world and I intend to use their advice and wisdom to make myself a better professional.” Robert Stewart, Year 13 student

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity given to me last week in meeting the multiple business associates. This was a fantastic experience as it gave me the chance to get a better insight into future careers and job prospects. It also gave me a great insight into the different opportunities involved with the different career paths. This experience was unique, useful and one which I will use the experience from to help me with my future choices and goals. This experience gave me the chance to express my knowledge and skills to these people as well as gave me the challenge of giving them a guide of the school to the best of my abilities.”  Adrian Peppiatt, Year 13 student


mentoring-breakfast-1 mentoring-breakfast-2

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